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How To Create And Use A BBC Account On Tv?

BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation, as its name suggests, is a popular broadcasting system, prevalent in the UK. It is a public company, that at once upon a time, held a monopoly on broadcasting in the UK, under the royal charter. Even now, the firm holds considerable clot among the public and is a well received media platform. However, with the changing times, the company has transitioned into online services and offers a web platform. To access this platform, users need a BBC account, which can be accessed from The following article will aid our readers in creating and using a BBC Account on their Smart TVs.

What is a BBC Account?

When the service first started offering web content or on-demand media, it was known as BBC iD. Today, the BBC has fashioned the same under BBC Account, courtesy of The service offers great customization and caters to individualistic tastes and interests. Users can also use the same to log into iPlayer and utilize other web services that the BBC provides.

How Do I Create A BBC Account Using Www.Bbc.Com/Account/Tv?

For those readers who want to create a BBC account, they can follow the steps provided in the article.

  • Use the web browsers to visit the following website:
  • Click on “Register” and wait for the page to load.
  • Now select the account as per your age. And enter the birthdate.
  • Then create/provide the following information:
    • Email
    • Password
    • Country/Postal code
  • Click on Register.

How Do I Sign In On My Tv?

A user with a BBC account can use the same to sign in on his/her TV. If he has registered an account on, all he needs is:

  • A Smart TV that can run BBC Apps
  • A secondary device to access
  • BBC iPlayer or BBC Sounds app
  • Finally, a BBC account

After Ensuring the Above-Mentioned Conditions are met, he can Proceed with the Following:

  • Launch the BBC app on the Smart TV.
  • Choose “Sign In”.
  • Note down the 8-digit code shown on the screen.
  • On the secondary device, visit
  • Login to your BBC account.
    • Those who do not have one, can create an account using the steps we have mentioned above.
  • Then enter the 8-digit code that is on the TV.
  • Click on Confirm.
  • Now, wait for the page on the TV to refresh. It can take up to a few minutes.
  • Once it refreshes, you can watch your favorite shows online on the TV.

How do I Sign in to BBC iPlayer on My TV?

Those who have already registered an account using can easily sign in to BBC iPlayer. Here are the relevant steps:

  • Start the iPlayer app on your TV.
  • Locate the Sign In tab and click it.
    • Remember, you can add multiple accounts on the same iPlayer application.
  • On the new screen, you will find a URL and an 8-digit code.
  • Set your TV aside and pick up your secondary device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Go to your web browsers to access BBC account TV.
  • Then log in to the BBC Account.
    • You can also use BBC account TV to create a new BBC account if you do not have one.
  • Here, you should enter the code shown on the TV.
  • After that, click on the “Sign In on your TV” tab.
  • Wait a few seconds for the screen to refresh and then enjoy BBC shows on your TV.

How Do I Sign In To BBC Sounds On My Connected Tv?

Before proceeding, make sure you have a working BBC Account from BBC/account/TV. Then, follow the steps provided below:

  • Initiate the BB Sounds app.
  • Now, locate the Sign-In button and click it.
  • You will see the enter code number and URL. Note them down.
  • Then access BBC/account/TV on your phone or pc.
  • After logging in your enter code number.
  • Finally, wait for some time for the app to refresh your details. Code Error (Reason)

Users can always encounter errors during enter activation code number. Some common issues and their reasons are mentioned below:

  • If the user doesn’t use the code, it will expire after 60 minutes.
  • Thus, the user will need to use a new code.
  • The code is unique and can be used only once, if more than two users need to log in, they will have to generate multiple enter activation code number.
  • In case of Try again later error, the iPlayer servers must be experiencing technical error.
  • sign in is not available for all Smart TVs.
  • If you want sign in on multiple devices, the process should be repeated separately.

How To Fix Enter Code Not Working Error?

If a user has to sign in to BBC iPlayer, but he doesn’t have access to a secondary device, meaning the code is not working/cannot work, he can still log in by following the steps given below:

  • Run the BBC iPlayer app on your TV.
  • Click the Sign-In button.
  • Now select “Don’t have a secondary device”.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Download BBC App On Your Device?

Interested uses can always download the BBC iPlayer app on their Smart TVs. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to BBC. Com/account/TV and proceed with sign in.
  • Then go to your account and locate the Download section.
  • Click it and wait for a download to begin.
  • After it finishes, the app will be installed on your device.
  • Now, you can run the app.

How to Update BBC Account Details?

Users create a BBC account after providing their details. However, sometimes they can provide information that changes accordingly or was incorrectly inserted. In these cases, users can change their BBC account details:

  • Ensure that you have logged in your BBC account via a web browser.
  • Now click your profile icon.
  • Go to settings and locate your personal details.
  • Start the editing process. You can change the following:
    • Email Address
    • Username
    • Password
  • Display name/nickname
  • Save these changes. Frequently Asked Questions:

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