What is tvision.com/activate tv? A Complete Activation Guide

In today\’s age of digital media consumption, there are a lot of platforms that offer quality content, around the globe; for users to consume. However, it is also true that the channels we are familiar with on TV have a certain appeal. But users generally have to rely on different technology to pursue OTT and cable content. And that\’s where TVision is different. In the following article, we will explain what tvision.com/activate tv is; and why you should choose it.


What is TVision?

The T-Mobile TVision comes from the telecommunication giant and is a streaming platform, much like your YouTube or Sling TV. However, unlike those, it streams LIVE cable TV channels on your Smart TV. But the catch is that the services don\’t require set-top boxes or satellite disk setups. Instead, it provides TV channels to your homes directly using the internet. The list of channels included in the TVision service is quite long, but here are a few name-worthy additions:

  • ABC
  • ABC News Live
  • AMC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC America
  • BBC World News
  • Cartoon Network
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery
  • Disney Channel
  • E!
  • ESPN
  • Fox etc.

T-Mobile offers TVision as an app that can be installed on your Smart TVs and other devices so that you can enjoy uninterrupted TV. But to enjoy all these channels, first, you have to deal with tvision.com/activate tv. As soon as you tvision.com/activate tv, you can start watching your favorite TV shows; on the internet.

How to Log Into TVision?

As we are already talking about tvision.com/activate tv, we have to remind our readers that it is only possible if you have an account with T-Mobile and you log in to said account, using the provided credentials. Hence, we have included the necessary steps to ensure our readers can safely log in to TVision and then tvision.com/activate tv.

The Required Steps are:

  • You can start by opening the web browser and entering the following keywords: tvision.com activate
  • The browser will direct you to the T-Mobile Tv Streaming section.
  • Here, you have to log in to the service, using your account information.
  • Now, those who have yet to get an T-Mobile account should follow these steps to first secure their credentials:
  • Visit the T-Mobile website.
  • Then, in the top right corner of the screen, click on My Account.
  • Now select Login from the drop-down menu.
  • Since you do not have a T-Mobile ID, select Sign Up.
  • On the next screen, enter your phone number.
  • Make sure the number is associated with the T-Mobile service.
  • Now all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to create a T-Mobile account.
  • Since you have successfully created your account, it\’s time to proceed with the login.
  • Enter your T-Mobile ID, Username, Email or Phone number.
  • Then, enter your password and click on Login.
  • You are now successfully logged into T-Mobile.

How to Activate TVision?

There are a few criteria one must fulfil before they can continue with tvision.com activate. For starters, they should have a working T-Mobile ID/Account. Then, they should have an active subscription plan. Moving forward, they also need a secondary account to proceed with activation. Since we have already covered how to create a T-Mobile ID and how to login, let us proceed with the actual activation.

In Order for tvision.com Activate to Work, Here are the Necessary Steps one Should Follow:

  • On the Smart TV, one has to have access to the TVision app. The app is available on different app stores and works for numerous streaming devices.
  • Thus, download the app and launch it on your device.
  • When the app starts, you will find that it required a T-Mobile ID to log in:
  • Enter your T-Mobile credentials such as ID, Username, Email or Phone number along with the account password to log in to the app.
  • After a successful login, you will encounter an activation code. Note down this code and leave the app as it is.
  • Then, on a secondary device, launch a web browser and enter: www.tvision.com/activate
  • Here, you will be required to input the tvision.com/activate code.
  • Once you enter the correct code and hit on continue, your services will start on the app, given you have already purchased a TVision subscription.

Forgot TVision Login Info – How to Recover?

Seeing how easy it is to log in and tvision.com activate, there can be certain scenarios where users can find themselves in a bind. We are talking about the case where the user either loses or forgets the login info. What should be done in such situations? But our readers need not worry as we have a workaround available below. And it is equally easy to recover said tvision.com activate login details. Here’s how:

  • Visit the T-Mobile TVision page. Or go directly to tvision.com/activate.
  • Here, click on the My Account icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now, on the login page, click on Forget Password.
  • It will prompt you to provide the corresponding Email information or phone number.
  • Once you enter the Email or Phone number, you can receive a password reset link.
  • And lastly, using the reset link, you can create a new password for your T-Mobile ID.

Steps to Stream TVision to my TV

Streaming TVision on a TV is the whole issue. The service targets TV viewers, hence it is very easy to hook it up to your smart TV. And even if you do not have a smart TV, you can always use the TVision HUB to connect to the service. Since we have covered the HUB further down the line, let us proceed with how to stream TVision on a TV:

  • Power up your TV.
  • Now go to the in-built app store and download the latest TVision app.
  • Enter the keyword TVision in the search box and then select it.
  • Now, click on Install and wait for the process to finish.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the app, start it.
  • On the home screen, you will be required to log in and tvision com/activate.
  • Use the steps we have described above to do so.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access your favorite shows and channels.
  • Select what you want to watch and enjoy.

How to Activate TVision on Fire Stick?

Similar to smart TVs, the Amazon Fire Stick also supports TVision. Here’s how you can install and tvision.com/activate it:

  • Let’s start with connecting the Fire Stick to the TV and powering it up.
  • Then, you have to navigate to the Amazon App Store and search for the TVision app.
  • Now download the app and launch it.
  • You will find the corresponding tvision.com/activate code.
  • Note down the code and on a different device, visit the following address: www.tvision.com/activate
  • Here, log in to your T-Mobile account and enter the tvision.com/activate code.
  • Now, your app is ready to steam your favorite TV channels.

TVision Top Packages

Although the service offers a lot of different subscription packages made of up of different combinations, we have selected the top packages suitable for most viewers. The service also offers Cloud DVR feature to record your favorite sports, shows etc. And it also comes with a selection of on demand channels, and Pay Per View movies and shows. Here are the different subscription packages from TVision:

  • TVision Live TV: A consortium of 30p popular channels including sports and news, it is the most basic of the choices and also the cheapest that includes sports. At $40 per month, you can have your pick of the 30 different channel and also enjoy 100 free Cloud DVR hours. Furthermore, the plan allows you to watch the content on 3 different devices, so you can share it with your loved ones.
  • TVision Live TV+: It is an improvement on the basic plan with 40+ channels, on demand content and 100 hours of Cloud DVR for $50 per month.
  • TVision Live Zone: It is the ultimate package that nets you over 50 popular channels, with 100 hours of free Cloud DVR and 3 simultaneous connections at $60 per month.

The service also takes into consideration that some people do not want to watch news and sports. Hence, they would be averse to spend money on said channels. Thus, for drama lovers, the service has provided different plans that are cheap and only include the lifestyle, comedy and drama channels one would want.

  • TVision Vibe: The package comes with a selection of 30 channels at only $10 per month, and you have the option to purchase additional hours for Cloud DVR at $5.
  • TVision Channels: These are on-demand and pay per view subscriptions that are stand-alone and not part of a package. Meaning, viewers do not have to buy any subscription and can only purchase a single channel if they wish so. However, the prices vary accordingly. For example, Epix will cost you only $6 per month, whereas Showtime is much costlier at $11.

What makes TVision HUB Different?

The T-Mobile TVision also comes with a custom Android HUB. It is a streaming device that can turn any ordinary TV into a Smart TV as long it has an HDMI port. Hence, this 4K HDMI enabled, Android streaming device can allow users to enjoy TVision on different devices and also allow them to access more than 8000 video and music streaming platforms and gaming apps; while also allowing them to DVR their favorite TV shows.

How to Watch Weather Channel on Roku?

Sadly, you can not watch the Weather Channel using TVision on Roku, as the platform doesn\’t support this service. Hence, if you have a Roku device, you won\’t be able to stream TVision.

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