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CNN( cable news network ) is an international news channel, CNN main headquarters is located in the USA. Here you can find the latest breaking news with on depth information, investigation, original special reporting, the very popular app that offers you cnn originals and special news and on top of that live coverage minute to minute 

Cnn most popular news shows are • Ac 360 it is most watched on CNN  nearly 10 million people are watched across the globe •” the lead with jake tapper “ this daily report on politics and political affairs 


It is a very useful application For, who are love to watch, political news, country affairs it offers you more and more articles and exclusive news 

Compatible Device 

CNN is flexible to use any device Roku, amazon fire tv stick, Android tv apple tv Google Chromecast, roko and Samsung tv, CNN targeting specific viewers across the world, app and site is very user friendly 

How to Create CNN Account? 

  • Open this line – edition.cnn.com/account/register 
  • In the first box write your email address in the second box write a password 
    • Condition-use at least 12 characters 
    • Use upper or lower case
    • One number and special  character
  • After completion, click “create account “ 
  • It takes 5 seconds to create your account 
  • Then you\’re in a CNN world, you can access trending news, entertainment, health business and so many,

How to activate CNN on Roku? 

  • On Roku device, go to home page 
  • Go to Roku channel type on search bar “ CNN “ with the use of remote 
  • It appears on screen “CNN\” click add channel option, it also same like an install 
  • After completion of the installation process
  • Home page you can easily find CNN app, open it 
  • Tv shows Activation code, note it 
  • Use phone or laptop visit this page 

CNN. it/Roku

  • Create an account in CNN, then activate your tv code 
  • Click to “continue to verify”
  • Click tv cable provider network 
  • Then sign in with your account 
  • Done

How to Activate and Watch the CNN Channel Go on Smart TV?

  • First switch on tv, connect internet 
  • Click home button on remote
  • Go to your tv app store 
  • Click search box write “CNN go “ app appears on the screen click 
  • Download and install it 
  • Go back to the home page, open CNN go app 
  • Click activate option 
  • CNN go app shows “activate code “ note it.
  • Take phone or laptop visit www.cnn.com/activate 
  • It will ask you tv activate code, write it 
  • Click “ verify option\” 
  • Then select the name of the cable network provider from the list 
  • Enter your email id and password 
  • Click sign-in option 
  • Done, watch CNN live tv-shows 

Activate and Watch CNN on Apple TV?

  • Turn on apple tv 
  • Go to apple store search “CNN APP\” 
  • TAP CNN app logo 
  • Then click the ‘activate ‘ option 
  • Go back to the home screen, open the CNN app, it shows” CNN activation code” note it 
  • Visit  www.cnn.com/activate/appletv on your laptop or phone 
  • Enter tv activate code
  • Click the “continue to verify “ option 
  • Click on tv cable provider internet.
  • Go back to the home page open it 
  • Done, watch CNN news and tv shows 

On the Amazon Fire TV, How Would I Activate the CNN Channel? 

  • Plugin amazon fire stick to tv
  • Connect internet  to firestick  
  • Open home page, click play store 
  • Search “ CNN\” CLICK  it shows download option Click it 
  • After downloading and installing the “ CNN\” APP 
  • CNN appears on the home page open it 
  • Open setting and activate, activation code appears on the screen 
  • Note it down 
  • Go to cnn.com/firestck active it
  • Done, start watching the news on tv 

How to Activate the CNN Channel on Android TV? 

  • Turn on Android tv 
  • Go to the home page, click play store app 
  • In play store search “CNN\” click app icon 
  • Click download option
  • After successful installation “ CNN\” APPEARS ON the homepage 
  • It shows Activation code on your tv copy it (or) note down 
  • Visit this page edition.cnn.com/activate with mobile (or ) laptop 
  • Paste activation code click “ continue to verify “ button 
  • Afterwards your Android tv able to steam all CNN programs  

Activate and Watch the CNN Channel on Samsung TV?

  • Turn on tv, connect it to the network 
  • Home top side right corner, there is a search bar, type “CNN app\” 
  • It will appear on screen download and install 
  • Go to app settings click activate button
  • Tv shows Activation code, copy it 
  • Visit http://www.cnn.com/activate /samsungtv In phone (or) laptop browser
  • Paste activation code in the site
  • Click the “continue to verify “ option
  • Click tv cable provider network 
  • Sign in with your account 
  • Done

Cnn.com/activate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. YES, you can easily access CNN on Roku, will be provided with an activation step.CNN offers you live tv channels and news bulletins and many famous shows, CNN app or site is very much user friendly it supports many devices

Ans. Use phone or laptop go to CNN.com, log in with your email and password, click top side upper right corner, you can see “CNN live tv channel tap it, select tv service provider option again enter your email and pass, can go is not free service monthly charge $6.95 once you subscribe, every month automatically deduct on your bank account


  • First check tv activation code
  • Check Your Roku device compatibility
  • Connect internet
  • Once check Roku account is active or not
  • Once restart Roku device
  • Deactivate CNN channel, again activate
  • Again activate CNN on tv
  • Follow these steps it will work on your Roku device

Ans. Cnn( cable news network) news streaming platform Follow this step go to www.cnn.com/activate any web browser, enter your email and password, then you will have access to original shows and live bulletin and live events after successfully activating Roku device at the cnn.com page

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