Steps to own tv/activate on devices like ROKU, Apple, IOS, and Android

How to Activate Your OWN TV?

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is an enrollment administration that permits you to observe live TV and get up to speed with the most recent TV programs.

Also, you might see the entire OWN library of verifiable movies and unique shows at a time. OWN is viable with most streaming gadgets, including cell phones, smart TVs, Roku, and the web.

You might watch OWN TV from any place whenever assuming you have a link membership. It’s viable with AT&T, Xfinity, DirecTV,   Verizon,  Spectrum, and other link organizations.

The OWN Network, then again, doesn’t need a link membership to watch. You’ll have the option to see some free series or scenes in case you do. 

There are different ways to activate OWN tv on different platforms but the main procedure to activate OWN tv is

  •  type the given text your browser HTTP start watch own tv activate
  • Then go on the link https// own tv/activate and then
  •   After you\’ve double-checked the activation code, press the \”ACTIVATE\” button.
  • A successful message will be returned quickly.

And then you can stream your favorite watch own tv on your device.

How to Actuate your OWN Television on Roku?

  • Choose the Roku Channel from the Home screen of Roku.
  • Select “Streaming Channels” using the remote and scroll up or down.
  • Explore the “Films and TV” or “television Everywhere” classification inside the “Motion pictures and TV” area.
  • frisk for the “Watch OWN TV” application in the application store. 
  • Tap “+Add channel” and affirm the choice when incited to get the application on your Roku.
  • In 2-3 seconds, the application will be delivered on the membership administration.
  • It should now be seen in the list of extra channels.
  • To receive a unique code on your TV screen, use the app. This is the OWN TV activation code, keep it safe.
  • Go to the authorized online location. After having the activation code, go to on a different gadget. (If necessary, connect with your pay-TV provider.) Choose your TV provider from the list.)
  • Press the “ACTIVATE” button after you’ve double-checked the activation code.
  • A successful message will be found in no time.

Activate Own TV on Amazon Fire TV

The most effective method to initiate OWN television on amazon fire television

Follow these means to enact OWN television on amazon fire television :

  • You might get back to the home screen by clicking the Home button.
  • Choose the magnifying glass icon or the search bar.
  • The word \”OWN TV\” comes to mind.
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Open the application after it has completed the process of installation.
  • To get an enactment code, follow the headings on your gadget.
  • Go to whenever you\’ve got the code.
  •  With your PC or mobile browser, go to the URL. Enter the code for initiation.
  • Pick Activate from the drop-down menu.
  • Your gadget will activate and enable you to watch OWN TV shows if you followed the directions properly.

How to Activate OWN TV on Apple TV?

To get OWN TV on Apple TV, follow these steps:

  • On your Apple TV, launch the App Store application.
  • Look up OWN TV.
  • Once you\’ve located the app, choose it.
  • Choose Get.
  • If you haven\’t already, log in using Apple ID to download.
  • You should open the app when it’s done installing.
  • To obtain an activation code, follow the directions on your device.
  • Go to once you\’ve received the code. With your PC or mobile browser, go to the URL.
  • Enter the code for activation.
  • Select Activate from the drop-down menu.

How to Activate OWN TV on Android?

The steps to activate Own TV on your Android TV are outlined below.

  1. Go to Google Play Store on Android TV.
  2. Locate and search for your own television.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Sign up or log in to Own TV to get the activation code.
  5. Go to to access the activation page.
  6. Complete the code.
  7. Press the activate button.

How to Activate OWN TV on IOS?

Apple users may see on the move by downloading the app on their iPhone or iPad.

  • Visit the AppStore.
  • Locate the app using the search toolbox.
  • Select the search result by clicking on it.
  • Select Install.
  • Relax and wait for the process to finish.

Compatible Devices to Watch OWN TV With?

On your streaming devices, you may watch your favorite Watch OWN TV programs. Some of the popular TV shows that you can watch on  Roku, Apple TV iOS,  TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon FireAndroid, etc. include Black Love, Oprah Prime, Greenleaf, Finding Sarah, Oprah\’s Master Class,Police Women of Dallas, For Peete\’s Sake, Married to the Army: Alaska,  Party at Tiffany\’s, Addicted to Food,Houston Beauty, Queen Sugar, the Rosie Show, Mom\’s Got Game, Life with La Toya, Flex & Shanice, Belief, Love Is,   and more

Simply sign in to your TV provider\’s account, go to the official activation website, and complete the process.

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