TCM Activation on Various Smart Devices 

TCM stands for Turner Classic Movies. It allows the viewers to watch all the classic golden movies of the past era, and it also allows to stream the current modern film. It is mainly famous for the classic evergreen cinema, which has a cult following. And to all the plethora of movies of the evergreen classic genre, TCM is your best bet. To watch the Turner Classic Movies on your smart tv or your smart device, all you need to do is install the TCM app on your tv set or your smart devices. Let us look at the various steps required to install and stream the TCM app on your smartphone or other smart devices. It can be played on multiple smart devices like a smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon fire tv, Roku devices, etc. 


Activate Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Through 

  • The only thing that you need to activate the TCM channel is to get hold of the unique activation code from the page. You can also alternately go to TCM com start or start. 
  • The main page will pop up before you. You need to collect the activation code from there. 
  • After selecting your streaming device, you have to submit the code in the space provided to you. 
  • After that, select your TV service provider to play TCM. 

Activate TCM on Roku at

  • Switch on the Roku device and login to your Roku account 
  • After that, move to the Roku Home screen by holding down the home button on your Roku device remote control. 
  • From your Home Screen, go to the option for streaming channels. Visit the Roku channel store. In the channel store, look for the TCM app, select it, and hit on the \”add channel\” choice to install the TCM app. 
  • After the installation is over, go back to the Roku home screen to start the app. 
  • Get hold of the activation code which you will be required to watch TCM on your Roku. 
  • Open a browser on any other smart device and go to the page. Alternatively, you might also use tcm com activate. 
  • Select the name of your streaming device from the given list. 
  • Input the activation code wherever required and push the Submit tab. 
  • Watch your choicest TCM movies on your Roku device. 

Another alternative page to activate TCM on Roku is tcm com activate or TCM activate.

Starting TCM on FireStick Device 

  • Click on the \”search icon\” and then input \”TCM Firestick app.\” 
  • From the results, choose the TCM app. 
  • Install TCM on your Firestick device.
  • Click open the TCM channel to get the code, copy the activation code. 
  • Go to on the internet browser. Alternatively, you can also go to firestick
  • Select your Firestick device. 
  • Input the TCM activation code in the box. 
  • Press on the \”submit\” option. 
  • Now, you can stream TCM on your device and watch your favorite programs.
  • An alternate site to activate your TCM is activate or activate TCM. 

Activating TCM on Apple TV

  • To begin, launch the Apple App Store. 
  • In the search bar, type TCM channel app. 
  • Choose and download the TCM application. 
  • Then, launch the TCM Apple TV app. 
  • Make a note of the channel activation key. 
  • Navigate to the link. Alternatively, you can also go to activate or www 
  • Choose the Apple TV symbol. 
  • Input this same activation code that was displayed on your TV screen. 
  • You\’re done when you click Submit. 
  • You can also go to the sites Tcm com activate and activate for activation. 

Activating TCM on your Android TV 

  • On the Android TV, click to access Google Play Store. 
  • To download the TCM software, use the search button. 
  • Navigate to the TCM channel app. 
  • Make a copy of the activation code displayed on the TV screen. 
  • In your smartphone browser, navigate to Alternatively, you can go to TCM com activate and www 
  • Enter the activation code to access all TCM material on your Android TV. 

How to Activate TCM on Your Android

  • On the smartphone, tap to open the Google Play Store. 
  • Navigate to TCM and choose the app. 
  • TCM Android application should be downloaded and then launched. 
  • On the official activation page, enter your code. 
  • Navigate to in your web browser. Alternatively, you can go to TCM com activate or www 
  • Now enter the activation code to watch TCM.

What is TCM? 

TCM stands for Turner Classic Movies. It allows the viewers to watch all the classic golden movies of the past era, and it also allows to stream the current modern film. 


We have discussed how TCM (classic turner movies) is installed in a few intelligent devices like Roku, android tv, etc. TCM is one of the most popular channels for classic English Movies, and it has a great collection of movies and some other programs. We hope you liked reading this article as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Till our next article on some other technology stuff, happy cinema viewing to all the readers! Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Sometimes, there is an error while trying to use the activation code error on streaming devices mentioned in this article. There is nothing to panic about. We have written the solution for you. Try these steps, and your activation code should work fine: Ascertain that your device is linked to a fast internet connection.

  • Make sure that all of the requirements of the system are met.
  • You might also clear the cookies and the caches.
  • If none of it works, you can notify your TV provider.
  • Request TCM for technical support and assistance.

Ans. The streaming services mentioned here in this article can be used to watch TCM without the need for a cable provider. All one needs is good and stable internet and any of the above-mentioned streaming apps. Besides that, you can also watch TCM on Hulu Live TV, Youtube TV, Sling TV, DirectTV Stream.

Ans. No, TCM is not available on Amazon Prime.

Ans. We should check that our cable connection is working correctly. We should see the system requirements are met. The internet connection should be good, and a mobile connection or hotspot will also be enough. All the latest software should be there. We should check the app which we are installing to watch the TCM. These are the things we should consider before we activate the TCM.


  • Navigate to
  • Traverse to the screen and then click the Watch Live icon.
  • Select your TV cable company.
  • Login with your account information
  • Now you can stream the TCM channel’s live TV content.

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